SUPER blog post from fellow trainer Ezra Holland in his workforce and leadership development blog about a week ago.  Read the whole blog post here.

Ezra takes us through a set of principles and concrete activities to demonstrate some of the principles around creating rapport with a group… and having the group create rapport with each other:

  • The first step in creating a safe environment
  • Not just physical warm-ups but warm-ups for the body mind and soul
  • To get people out of their linear cognitive analytic heads and into safe moving multisensory experiential action and interaction
  • To help shift move into “right brain” “whole brain” “integrative” multiple intelligence, emotional intelligence mode
  • To help people lighten up, loosen up and laugh (or at least smile)
  • To create simple non threatening connections

Often, we have so much we want to cover within an allotted time that we forget the importance of what Ezra Holland calls “warming up a group” – what I call creating rapport.

Without that rapport and the psychological safety of the group, even our best teaching efforts will have minimal impact at best.

What are your practices around creating rapport with your students on a daily and/or long-term basis?

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